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Technical Analysis Simplified


Jonathan Hobbs, CFA

Trader | Author | Ex-crypto fund manager

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Who is this technical analysis course for?


Longer-term traders and investors, who want to buy near the bottom of bear markets and sell near the top of bull markets.


Medium-term traders, who want to profit from the ebbs and flows of the market by staying in trades for a few days, to several weeks.

Short-term traders, who want to generate consistent income from trading.

What will you learn in this course?

Why technical analysis works.
Understand why you’re likely to outperform most finance professionals in the long-run if you master it.


How big investors operate.
Learn the Wyckoff method of accumulation and distribution and how to use it to your advantage.


How to read and interpret price charts.
Understand line charts, candlestick charts, trading time frames, trendlines, support and resistance, price compression patterns, bottoming patterns, and topping patterns.


How to use trading indicators properly (without getting analysis paralysis).
Master Moving Averages, the Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, and Fibonacci Levels.


Strategies for trading and risk management.
Learn when to get in, get out, or stay in your trade.


How to use TradingView for your technical analysis.
TradingView is an essential tool for any technical analyst, and we’ll show you how to use it effectively in your strategy.



About the course instructor

Jonathan Hobbs holds the Chartered Financial Analyst ® designation and brings nearly two decades of financial market experience to this course. Jon once managed the investments for a boutique crypto hedge fund, and is the author of three investment books. Before that, Jon came from the traditional finance world, working at firms like Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and M&G Investments.

Course Dashboard Overview

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Course syllabus:

1 Introducing Technical Analysis
1.1 Why Use Technical Analysis?
1.2 Accumulation And Distribution: Wyckoff Basics And How The Big Money Operates
2 Understanding Price Charts
2.1 Price Chart Basics: Lines Charts Vs. Candlestick Charts
2.2 Chart Time Frames: Choosing The Right Trading Time Frame For You
2.3 The Power Of Simple Trendlines
2.4 Support And Resistance
2.5 Price Compression Patterns: Wedges, Triangles, Pennants, And Flags
2.6 W Bottom Patterns: When To Buy
2.7 M Top Patterns: When To Sell
3 The Only Indicators You’ll Ever Need
3.1 Moving Averages And The Strength Of A Trend
3.2 The Relative Strength Index (RSI): Who’s In Charge, Buyers Or Sellers?
3.3 Introducing Bollinger Bands: The Ultimate All-Rounder Indicator
3.4 Trading W Bottom Patterns With Bollinger Bands: Buy At The Right Times
3.5 Trading M Topping Patterns With Bollinger Bands: Sell At The Right Times
3.6 Fibonacci Levels: The Ancient Number Sequence That Works In Trading
4 A Crash Course in TradingView
4.1 TradingView First Steps: Setting Up Your Account And Navigating TradingView
4.2 Personalizing TradingView: Tailoring Your Charting Experience
4.3 Building Your Charts: Two Simple And Effective Chart Layouts
4.4 Drawing Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements In TradingView
4.5 Bonus: Coding Your Trading Strategy With ChatGPT

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FAQs about this technical analysis course

    1. Q: What’s covered in this technical analysis course?
      A: You’ll learn technical analysis basics, from reading price charts to using trading indicators, strategies, risk management, and the TradingView platform.
    2. Q: How’s the course content presented?
      A: Through videos and PDF slides. Once enrolled, you get lifetime access, letting you learn at your speed.
    3. Q: How long to finish the course?
      A: There’s about 5 hours of video across 20 lessons. Completion time varies based on your pace.
    4. Q: Any prerequisites for the course?
      A: No prior knowledge needed. Access to a trading platform like TradingView is helpful.
    5. Q: What if I have questions?
      A: Email [email protected] for any clarifications or queries.
    6. Q: Who’s this course for?
      A: Anyone interested in trading, from beginners to those with some experience.
    7. Q: How’s this course unique?
      A: It simplifies complex topics, focusing on essentials to prevent analysis paralysis.
    8. Q: Can I use mobile devices for the course?
      A: Yes, it’s accessible on any internet-enabled device.
    9. Q: Refund policy?
      A: Email [email protected] within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.
    10. Q: Offline course access?
      A: The course is online-based, but you can download PDF slides for offline use.